Launching a state-of-the-art plant and Sky Walk Innovation Centre.

THE BRIEF: Pull inspiration from South African and Austrian cultures to execute a high-profile event, launching the brand-new, world class, state-of-the-art plastic manufacturing plant in South Africa.

THE PROCESS: Articulate and execute a theme bringing two very different cultures together, while keeping the Alpla brand top of mind. Ensuring the safety and security measures required for the delegation onsite. Over and above the launch event theSQUAD was tasked to execute their Sky Walk Innovation Centre. This encompasses all their departments in the form of a sustainable exhibition to showcase their brand offerings to guests that visit their offices. We executed this project over six months.

WOW EXPERIENCES: The Mzansi Youth Choir wowed the audiences whilst our Lanseria Launch theme was noticeable from arrival to departure. No stone was left unturned with the attention to detail that went into this very high-profile event. theSQUAD also conceptualised and created a skywalk installation telling the story of ALPLA since 1955 – from their humble beginnings in an Alpine village, to being a world leader in sustainable plastic solutions.

DELEGATE PAX: 200 – this included the Gauteng Premier, Minister of Fisheries & Agriculture, the Austrian Ambassador, CEO’s and Directors of major South African Corporate Blue Chip companies, as well as news broadcasters, social media influencers and general press.

SUPPORTING CREW: 200 – theSQUAD, designers, copywriters, production camera crew and editing suites, set designers and builders, technical, décor, photography, caterers, waiters, cleaners, security, traffic control, Health & Safety personnel, ambulances, porta-loos, entertainment, bar mixology and the MC.