Essity Kick-Start Conference 2024


3-day conference


Essity – A global leading hygiene and health company


With renewed business objectives, Essity’s annual Sales and Marketing Kick-Off Event presented an exceptional opportunity to revitalise the brand and rejuvenate team spirit.

Essity, a globally trusted brand, was at the cusp of a transformative corporate journey in January 2024. With significant internal changes and renewed business objectives, the annual Sales and Marketing Kick-Off Event presented an exceptional opportunity to revitalise the brand and rejuvenate team spirit.

The conference was a resounding success, epitomising the spirit of collaboration, innovation, and celebration. Through meticulous planning, creative execution, and a commitment to excellence, theSQUAD Creative delivered an unforgettable experience that left a lasting impression on attendees, reinforcing Essity’s purpose to break barriers to well-being for the benefit of care givers, and customers across the globe.

• Timing: The start-up conference for 2024 was strategically held at the beginning of the year.
• Guests: The event hosted 64 participants.
• Duration: Spanning three epic days of conferencing, culminating in a gala night celebration.
• Purpose: The conference served as a platform for reflecting on past achievements, forecasting for the upcoming year, and recognising top performers of the previous year.
• Theme: The event was themed around “Prioritise, Focus, Execute, and Collaborate,” aligning with Essity’s strategic objectives.

1. Essity rainbow theme: Inspired by the concept of individuality and collaboration, the event embraced the essence of a rainbow, celebrating the unique contributions of each team member.
2. Bespoke gifts: Attendees received thoughtful gifts, including personalised notebooks, branded pens, colourful Havianas, and care packages with delicious treats, named “Smile and Snack.”
3. Outstanding location: The event took place at Brahman Hills in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, providing an authentic country escape and exceptional service. From pre-event to execution onsite. Nothing was ever too much and we loved the can do attitude and flexibility.
4. Offsite Dinner Experience: Guests were treated to a special offsite dinner at Bosh Hoek Golf & Lodge, enhancing the overall experience. Additionally, the staff at Brahman Hills were amazing, attended quickly to every request – both the client and SQUAD suppliers were impressed.
5. Rainbow décor: Utilising a spectrum of colours, the décor embodied unity, diversity, and individuality, setting the stage for an inspiring and energising atmosphere.
6. Exceptional food: The amazing Brahman Hills Chef, Richard Kranz, curated delicious and colourful menus, enhancing the gastronomic experience.
7. Engaging activities: Attendees participated in tie-dye tee making, interactive conference presentations using a custom Essity Twister board, and bespoke cocktail-making sessions.
8. Celebratory moments: The event featured fire pits, sparklers, toasts creating an atmosphere of celebration and camaraderie.
9. Gala Evening Extravaganza: The gala evening flowers, décor and food were designed to match the theme, complemented by live music from Acoustic Elements.
10. DJ James: Who made great music both a feature and a behind the scenes vibe where necessary. James is like family to the Essity client.
11. Strategic workshops: Including specially designed artwork, with colleagues getting into the swing of things, literally dancing down the aisles.
12. Micro Moments: Giant signage, themed photo walls, and the prestigious Essity Awards for 2023 added depth to the experience.

“Thank you for the great week and fun memories.” – Devasena.
“Thank you for putting together another fantastic conference.” – Shilisha.
“Thank you everyone for such a wonderful and memorable week.” – Ncamisile.
“It was my first kick-off conference and definitely one to remember.” – Fareesha.
“Enjoyed every moment.” – Nokuthula.
“A beautiful venue. Beautiful people. Beautiful memories.” – Johlene.
“An incredible conference… The attention to detail is never unnoticed.” – Debbie.
“Thank you for an amazing conference to start 2024.” – Isabel.
“A wonderful, insightful event.” – Louise.
“To an incredible team, thank you to every one of you for the roles you played in making it special.” – Ross.