Evoking all senses… To craft unforgettable experiences


It is not just about the ideas, it is about making the ideas happen.


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By engaging the senses we create out-of-this-world immersive experiences, ensuring our events are truly unforgettable.

Did you know filmmakers use low-frequency sound outside, the human hearing range, to create fear-inducing effects? This infrasound can create anxiety, shivering and even heart palpitations. In fact, the human ear is always active, which is why the sound of something in our sleep often opens our eyes.

Sound is both a subtle and powerful characteristic of our environment, it should never be overlooked when putting an event together. Playing with sound and knitting sound into events goes beyond providing efficient acoustics; it creates a unique atmosphere for your space.

The music used while guests walk into a room, for example, gives the venue personality; and can absorb other noise. This is the concept of soundscape, for example, provides golden opportunity to enhance messaging and evoke positive feelings. If you can entice your audience to pay attention, to really listen, then you’ve nailed the purpose of an epic event, to shift thinking and inspire change.

Music can emotionally move an audience by:
• SETTING THE SCENE: A happy or upbeat score enhances the moment with uplifting feelings
• TRANSPORTING ATTENDEES: From remembering the past to being inspired for the future
• TEAM BUILDING: Interaction through drumming, for example, inspires connection
• DEEPENING FEELINGS: Making people feel everything from attentive to thoughtful to elated
• MOVEMENT: Beats and rhythms inspire movement, dancing, and shaking it off

By using Paul Boyter from Harmonics at the Momentum Leadership conference in 2022 we incorporated sound to settle the audience and set the tone of breathing in and connection.

Taste is closely intertwined with aroma, a sensory duo that can transport human beings into to a state of satisfied bliss. Taste and aroma play a vital role in crafting unforgettable events, stimulating the palate and igniting the senses:
• SETTING THE SCENE: Starting with elegant hors d’oeuvres to exquisite desserts, a beautifully crafted menu can be an unforgettable journey which tells a remarkable story
• CONNECTING: Whether indulging in communal feast or teambuilding making food together, the act of savouring food creates a bountiful shared experience
• PROMOTING LOCAL: Incorporating seasonal ingredients celebrates unique local flavours
• PARTNERING: Produce from artisans and farmershelp showcase the local culinary landscape

We can’t help ourselves when we put together our ideas, sometimes we focus the whole event around just taste – so it needs to taste exceptionally good and look divine. We have our eye on some new caterers that are doing creative things, so watch this space!

Touch plays a significant role in how we perceive and remember events. From the texture of the table cloth to the sensation of a hug, feeling adds a layer of richness and depth to the sensory experiences.

Engagement on a physical level cultivates lasting memories by evoking emotions such as wonder and curiosity. Exploring tactile elements and interactive experiences enhances the event journey, immersing attendees in a multisensory adventure that captivates their senses:
• INTERACTIVE INSTALLATIONS: Whether it’s a tactile art installation, a sensory garden, or a kinetic sculpture, giving guest the chance to literally “feel” encourages them to connect with their environment in a meaningful way.
• CUSTOMISED TOUCH POINTS: Personalised touch points, such as branded merchandise or experiential giveaways, create tangible connections between guests and the event. From engraved keepsakes to custom-printed fabrics, incorporating tactile elements leaves a lasting impression.

Behind the scenes we have our team ironing tablecloths. Have you ever seen 12 event pixies ironing all the tables? This gives a smooth texture on the table not only for touch but for projection onto the cloth, something we did at a leadership summit to wow the executive guests.

Approximately 80% of our sensory input comes from vision, so what we see and perceive is a powerful tool for event design and storytelling. Visual experiences can be leveraged to enhance events through:
• BRANDING: Design and colour enhance messaging through eye-catching signage, immersive digital displays and strategic visual branding so guests connect with the event theme.
• DÉCOR: This transforms ordinary spaces into extraordinary environments. Unusual floral arrangements, vivid lighting design and stunning décor serve toimmerse attendees in the whole event experience.
• INTERACTIVE: There’s much fun to be had using a photo booth or a 360 degree video turntable for group shots, magic, Instagram-able moments in time.

It is all about the look, what it looks like, a feast for the eyes, we go way beyond a “blom on a table” – we think about how your eyes can be drawn in and mesmerised by the lighting, set, décor and of course, the food. We’ve used everything from recycled black bags to garlic and potatoes to create truly unforgettable gala dinner décor.


An interesting fact about human connection is the role of oxytocin, often dubbed the “love hormone” or “bonding hormone”. Oxytocin is a neuropeptide produced in the brain that plays a key role in regulating social behaviour, trust, and empathy.

Research has shown that oxytocin levels increase during moments of social bonding, such as hugging or engaging in meaningful conversations. This surge in oxytocin promotes feelings of warmth and connection between people, strengthening social bonds and fostering a sense of belonging.

You know how it feels when you hug someone and it feels real and envelops you – there is nothing better than that. That is what we do, we connect the dots, we connect ideas, we connect people and we build great relationships. Keeping it real.

By paying attention to what you hear, taste, feel and see, theSQUAD forges connection and creates out-of-this-world immersive experiences. We look forward to making the senses come alive with you!