KFC Taste Kitchen


Media Launch




“It was SO lit and SO amazing.” Hloni Mohope, Marketing Manager

“The idea was to take local home cooks on a journey of innovation and explosive taste with the hope of inspiring a new local side dish… KFC believes in home grown talent and providing an opportunity that enables South Africans to be heard and seen. We always seek new ways to create meaningful and lasting experiences with our customers. Through the show, we aim to add value to the lives of contestants by highlighting their entrepreneurial spirit and their love for finger lickin’ good food.” Mike Middleton, Chief Marketing Officer of KFC Africa 


“The KFC Taste Kitchen Media Launch was SO lit and SO amazing – it left me speechless. Thank you to The Squad Creative Events for all your hard work and for delivering ONLY class and making it so magical for us.” Hloni Mohope, Marketing Manager of KFC