Music on the Intersections




The crossover of creative genres


If you play someone’s favourite music, different parts of their brain light up.

Our Chief Warrant Officer Deolinda doesn’t just have one favourite musical genre; she’s a big DJ fan and loves rock, R&B, hip-hop, heavy metal and pop. One of her favourite SQUAD “intersection” events was with a guitarist, violinist and aerial act at the Argo Tractors launch last year.

Wing Woman Kefiloe rates the African Bank Consumer Banking Conference opening with Nimrod Nkosi and Lulu Mlangeni as a mash-up highlight. She says the only performer worth her weight in gold in 2023 is Beyoncé and highly recommends watching Homecoming on Netflix. Kef loves gospel and hip-hop genres for tapping into emotion and being uplifting.

“The Momentum Metropolitan Leadership Conference opening with Paul Boyter and Harmonics is my favourite so far. Goosebumps for days! Using a combination of body language, drums, handpan and audience interaction, coupled with incredible content on screen. This truly showed how entertainment can wow and motivate an audience.” Tarryn, Wing Commander

Breathing deeply can boost your empathy and bring awareness to the body, creating a state of interoception. This is the collection of senses understanding the body’s internal state.

Some conductors help bands to play in time by using empathetic breath. This keeps the musicians ready to engage quickly, maintaining a single rhythm of breath throughout the performance.

Introducing our newest battalion member, Nozi. She’s a hopeless romantic whose number one music genre is old and new school R&B. If her life was a song title it would be “One Hell of a Journey”. She says, “To get people dancing at an event  is determined by demographics and I recommend Vulindlela by Brenda Fassie at family gatherings and Last Last by Burma Boy at an AfroBeat event.”

Did you know? In Sesotho, the verb for singing and dancing is the same, ho bina, because the two things go together.

Tactical Air Commander Sian says the soundtrack to her life is Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins. Her best concert was Guns ‘N Roses – “Slash was just incredible!” And she rates the Leadership Summit Gala dinner as one of our coolest events, “With bands, musicians and DJs bringing so many different elements into one room.”

Researchers say that whether its rock ‘n’ roll, jazz, hip-hop or classical, your gray matter prefers the same music you do. If you play someone’s favourite music, different parts of their brain light up.

Humans have been dancing for 70,000 years, it’s in our bones, and it’s more than just a fun form of entertainment. Dance transports us into a state of flow, regulating our biological systems and nourishing long-term health. If music be the food of love, play on and give us excess of it!