Leadership Accelerator






500 delegates, 7 meticulously planned experiences.

The brief for Nedbank’s Leadership Accelerator event was to open people’s minds, motivate them and give them a taste of what the future holds. Conceptually, theSQUAD designed seven different event spaces with four themes at The Forum Campus, taking the 500 delegates through a carefully planned experience in each room.
From getting to know the huge floor plan intimately, to the technical capabilities of each area, to room-specific decor, to the running order and complicated catering – this was a complex experiential event to plan and manage. The result of all the careful prep was that theSQUAD successfully took our Nedbank guests on a mind-opening journey that included seeing money differently, sharing the new CI, growing new ideas, and exploring the future of finance.
The cherry on top was a compliment from the client saying: “Watching all the effort, coordination and teamwork involved in putting the event together was a privilege.”