On the Triple


Video Production


Sauce Advertising


On The Triple and over the top!

It was so cool creating this social content with the amazing Sauce Advertising team for Debonairs Pizza. They briefed theSQUAD Creative Events to add to their OTT ideas for the On The Triple campaign and to make it completely over the top.

Not being able to source real-life unicorns, we found some super-talented ballet dancers with HOT bodies, an Archer, Sam (an actual Debonairs delivery guy) and topped it off with the Influencers Sasha Langa and George Mnguni.

Many thanks to everyone involved, including Lynn Driver from Just Tonight Josephine for the costumes, Kabuki Productions for the camera crew and awesome edit, Fireworks for Africa for lighting up the sky with pyros and confetti and to our Squadron Leader Kelly McGillivray for the location.