Reflexions Media Launch


Media Launch




We don’t follow trends, we start them…

The client brief for the Pandora Reflexions Media Launch was: “Make it Instagram-able, so it trends on social media” and that’s exactly what theSQUAD did. We even made it into the Sunday Times, where Columnist Craig Jacobs wrote:

“Walking up to the entrance of the swish mansion, I am welcomed by the night’s host Thembisa Madoda who is resplendent in a white cocktail dress with one shoulder of ruffled sleeves…”

Through the hallway and onto the terrace, a violinist lulls us with soothing notes, the front of her dress flowing over the pool to morph into the red carpet. Nice touch… We head off around the villa to view the jewels, with surprises like green-leafed human topiaries coming alive as we walk past. Cute night.”