Ostrich riding, toffee tasting, a houseboat with private chef.

THE BRIEF: Organise a getaway for the internal marketing team at Red Bull South Africa. This getaway needed to create excitement as well as bring the team closer together.

WOW EXPERIENCES: The guests had no idea as to where their final destination was, they had to do a treasure hunt along the route to figure out their next destination.

This included a trip to an ostrich farm where they rode an ostrich as well as a toffee tasting at the next destination before they made their way to their accommodation. Once the team had been transported from land via a skipper to the house boat they were greeted by some delicious food made by the private chef team onboard, which was enjoyed during a motivational talk.

The rest of their stay was filled with lots of team building activities, sundowners and more sensational food prepared by the private chefs. They ended  with a small awards ceremony, handing out four quirky trophies that conceptualised and manufactured by theSQUAD. The final element of the trip was a lunch and cocktails at a restaurant on the beach before they made their way back home.

DELEGATE PAX: 11 guests – Internal employees, a mix of culture and ages.

SUPPORTING CREW: 16 people – theSQUAD, catering, motivational speaker, venues, transport and production assistance.

VENUE: Kraalbaai Lifestyle House Boats in Langebaan