From an image on a page to an amazing space that was fun and on brand (in a week!).

THE BRIEF: Translate SOL’s new CI and campaign elements into a tangible event for the guests to interact with the campaign identity.

THE WOW EXPERIENCE: The fit between SOL and theSQUAD was great. We loved bringing an idea to life from a picture on a page to build a space that felt fun,  colourful and engaging. And we pulled it off in a week!

We helped SOL create a carefree and sociable event with Bedouin tents on the lawns at the Indaba Hotel, emphasising moments of fun, laugher and music with colleagues. It was a very festive gathering, with lots of activities to create an association between the brand and fun, social experiences.

The event lived up to the authenticity of SOL’s Mexican heritage, with a tropical South African twist.

DELEGATE PAX: 180 internal employees.

SUPPORTING CREW: 40 – theSQUAD, set builders, décor, branding elements, bar and staff.