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6 Tech Trends for Events in 2016

6 Tech Trends for Events in 2016

It being January all eyes are on the space-age tech showcased at CES, the world’s most awesome electronics and consumer technology trade show, held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Although we probably won’t be using the 1000 feet off the ground UberCHOPPER just yet, there are other tech innovations that could be game-changers for event professionals going forward.

After being side-tracked by the CleverPet Hub ($269) - a video game console for your dog, we managed to focus on the tech which could enable more engaging and fun events. Here are six things that we particularly liked:

6 Tech Trends for Events in 2016#1 Take Your Guests Anywhere: The 3D Rudder

Imagine hosting an event where you can transport your guests to a 3D environment of your choosing? Just rest your feet on the platform, tilt the 3DRudder forward and you're moving forward in VR or in any 3D space. Get one via their Indiegogo campaign for $110. This campaign runs until 18 January 2016.

6 Tech Trends for Events in 2016#2 Keep Track: Digitsole

These smartshoes are the first connected, interactive, heated, shock absorbent shoes with automatic tightening that can be controlled via your smartphone. Imagine the possibilities of using these with guests who want to improve and keep track of their health?

#3 Be Your Own Banksy: LCD Graffiti Wall

6 Tech Trends for Events in 2016This is a digital graffiti screen with spray cans included for attendees to tap in to their creative side. It also allows event planners to brand the walls with logos, colour washes, whatever you want. There are quite a few different types of futuristic “walls” – from Social through to Zygote.

6 Tech Trends for Events in 2016#4 Enhanced Event Experience:  On Location Engagement

OLE sounds amazing – this mobile app and beacon promises it can guide visitors, provide a tour, show how-to videos, share product information and much, much more. This could be great for employee engagement and influencing behaviour on site.

#5 Toss the Microphone: Catchbox

6 Tech Trends for Events in 2016What a clever idea – no more hiccups with passing a microphone around during your event Q&A – just throw the Catchbox mic into the crowd and break the ice right there. We can’t wait to get our hands on a few of these.

6 Tech Trends for Events in 2016

#6 Event Gift: The Egg

A nifty looking half egg shape which is actually a personal cloud storage device that you can use to both as storage and for sharing data with friends (or event attendees) - avoiding public cloud services. It has a small LCD screen, 256 GB of storage, wi-fi and fits into the palm of your hand. The Egg as a conference gift will win you friends and clients.

So, it’s going to be an interesting year ahead tech-wise. But whatever you do, do it with heart first. Tech is the delicious icing and the cherry on top.