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6 Ways to Soundtrack Your Event

6 Ways to Soundtrack Your Event

6 Ways to Soundtrack your EventThere are high expectations from clients and attendees at any event and you want your function to be unforgettable, particularly when it comes to corporate conferences focused on behavioural change. Music engages people on different levels; it can elevate the mood, enhance camaraderie and leave people with incredible memories. You need to feel it, it needs to give you goose bumps or take your breath away, and here's how.

The affect of music on memory was called the Mozart Effect before research showed that all music with a 60 beats per minute (not just Classical) activates the left and right brain at the same time.  This simultaneous brain activity maximizes learning and retention of information, so what better way to make your event memorable than through music from start to finish?

6 Ways to Soundtrack your EventThe songs you choose to use during your event should be integral to your overall concept. Once that’s locked down finding the right soundtrack your event shouldn’t be too much of a challenge. If you have the budget get a sound engineer on board from the beginning we recommend Rocket Sound or Howard Audio in Johannesburg.

#1 Invite–Create a memorable first impressions with a song or a select playlist to get your guests thinking about the event to come. If you’re emailing an invite you can embed a song, WhatsApp is useful for communicating with an event group and sharing audio snippets and links. You could also deliver a flash drive as an exclusive event invitewith an incredible playlist on it. There are some unusual flash drive ideas on USB Geek.

6 Ways to Soundtrack your Event#2 Walk Up Music- Or put another way - let there be no dead air! Whether you’re running a roadshow, business or gala event, pre-plan to fill the gaps between activities with music. The idea is to keep the audience engaged during the moments in between with suitably rousing sounds. No pregnant silences, makes the Director and Producers very nervous and impacts the flow of an event.

#3 Live Bands- Clients are sometimes wary of live music because of the perceived expense and the risk of the band not being great. We’re lucky to have amazing talent in SA and you can negotiate a good rate for aunique live music experience for your audience. We represent some incredible bands and would be happy to point you in the right live music direction.

6 Ways to Soundtrack your Event#4 Drumming- Creating a once off event- rhythm using drums will guarantee a memorable musical experience for even the most cynical conference goer. The Drum Cafe in Jozi really know their stuff and will go out of their way to help, speak to Warren and tell him we sent you!

#5 Karaoke - No eyeball rolling here please. Karaoke done right with the right crowd (and right amount of alcohol) can actually be the pièce de résistance of your function. Have a good MC in place and ensure you havecameras rolling for when the shy people come out of their shells. David Broad from MaganStarr Entertainment has a great way with people and music.

#6 Gifts - We do love giving gifts and how cool are these Zungle Panther  sunglasses which play music by sending vibrations through your skull? And when the soundtrack of life becomes just that little bit too loud, there are these incredible Bose wireless Quite Comfort Noise Cancellation headphones.

Kelly McGillivray, Squad Leader

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