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8 Team Building Tips for a Digital Detox

8 Team Building Tips for a Digital Detox

Our brief was to create a team building getaway for a busy corporate client. They needed to unwind, without their digital devices, and get to know each other better. Here’s how we did it...

It’s not easy wrenching a team of busy people away from their offices and cell phones – even when they’ve asked you to. You need to have the arrangements finely tuned, graciously oversee their every need and confiscate laptops and cell phones when necessary.

1 Transport: Arrange group transport to and from the getaway venue. It’s less stress for the clients than driving; and a chance for them to start bonding.

2 First Digital Detox: Don’t underestimate what it’s like to be away from your laptop and cell phone, for even a couple of hours. It’s hard. So we chose a Tai-chi class as the first team building exercise, a good mixture of movement, relaxation and focus.

3 Food and Drink: Feed everyone well, it’s a digital detox, not a health farm experience. Have healthy food options but don’t skimp on the more indulgent food... And drink. Alcohol can help the flow of an informal team building session.

4. Questions and Answers: Have a fun but structured Q&A session. It sounds a little cheesy on paper, but it’s an amazing icebreaker. Create questions with the help of Conversation Starters World.

5. Spa Treatment: You can’t go wrong with booking each client a treatment. Go one step further and arrange for a personal treatment in the guest’s room. Being individually pampered is a balm to any overworked exec.

6.Gifts: It's always great to add a little take home surprise into the mix.  What you choose depends on your client; we opted for some beautiful scents, individually selected for each guest, including: Versace Crystal Noir, Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue, Kenzo Jungle and more.

7. Board Games: Recommended board games to liven up an evening are Cranium Dark, the classic "who done it" Cluedo, Trivial Pursuit and 30 seconds. You'll soon find out who has the most, er, "competitive" spirit.

8. Make Art: We used a company called Artson to give the team art lessons. It was one of the highlights of the getaway. It’s amazing how we all have an artist inside wanting to get out. The guests also got to take their artwork home as a reminder to take more time out for themselves.