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A Passion for Pewter

One of the greatest things about working on a project like 1000 Drawings is the amazing individuals you meet. Like Electra Sebele for example. Out of the blue Electra sent us our first ever PEWTER contribution. We were thrilled and intrigued. How did she find out about 1000 Drawings and how did she learn to work with pewter? Here are some of the answers...

Hi Electra, tell us how you heard about 1000 Drawings?

A Passion for Pewter It was around the same time that I decided I wanted to start creating pewter work for others. I found myself Googling the word "Doodle" to see what others were creating and realised that these "Personalised pewtered glass jars" I was creating for friends as gifts hadn't been done before. It was then that I saw a doodle from your Facebook page and I was hooked. Did a little research... and the rest is history. I emailed Kelly, asked her if I was able to pewter instead of sketching on paper and here we are 🙂

And why did you choose pewter as a medium?

I have always been a creative individual, open to new ideas. Throughout my life I have had the privileged of working with various art mediums. In 2013 I was invited to a workshop with a friend where I was introduced to a hobby that I saw as way of escaping from the everyday chaos that we call life.

Do you do any other art?

When I was younger I enjoyed drawing with charcoal/pencil and oil painting. Today I prefer my photography and pewter.

And a day job?

My passion is teaching. I have a way of connecting with young children and have been working with preschool children for years. I have recently tore all the ligaments in my foot and have had to put teaching aside for a while. So in the meantime, while restricted to sitting with my leg up at all times, I started a small business to pay for my studies while I recover. I now create one of a kind, hand made pewter creations as gifts for clients. Their response to my final product is what encourages me to continue creating for others.

What is your advice to people wanting to be more creative?

Follow your heart. Sounds cliched but we all know that we have some sort of creative side within us. Its simply a matter of picking up that pen, brush, tool and creating. If not for anyone else, then for yourself. To not over think. You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have. I believe that every person IS creative, it's just that discovering it is the challenge.

A Passion for PewterHow did you choose what to do for 1000 Drawings?

I realised that I wasn't being creative often enough. Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun. The A5 I doodled was around the concept of creating. I have spent years working to earn a living and decided it was time to give back. "Give a doodle, make a difference." It was that simple for me 🙂

Will we see you at the exhibition in November?

There is NO reason for me to not come through in November. This is a brilliant concept. Is it November yet?!"

Check out Electra's awesomeness on E.Creations!  And contact her for business queries on

Thanks for the inspiration Electra!