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Adcock Ingram Q&A with theSQUAD Leader Kelly McGillivray


Adcock Ingram Q&A with theSQUAD Leader Kelly McGillivraytheSQUAD Creative Events have been working with Adcock Ingram helping with Employee Engagement and other interesting things. We caught up with Kelly McGillivray, theSQUAD Leader, to find out exactly what they’ve been up to and why.

Hi Kelly, how long have you been working with Adcock Ingram?

It all began in 2013 when I started theSQUAD Creative Events.  We were honoured to be asked to work on Adcock Ingram’snew division called Specialized Therapies. We developed their identity and assisted with their initial launch as well as some internal communication. When Colin Sheen moved over to Adcock Ingram Critical Care(AICC) we moved too.

Adcock Ingram Q&A with theSQUAD Leader Kelly McGillivrayWhat do Critical Care do?

These people save lives!

That’s pretty amazing...

Yes, when we were taken around the factory we saw the scale and scope of what they do.They’re making and distributing products to hospitals for Critical Care. So the little kid who has had a heart transplant is given a product manufactured in the Critical Care factory.  The products they make help save lives.

Adcock Ingram Specialized Therapies Critical Care

The tag line for Critical Care is #becauseYOUmatter– how did you come up with that?

Adcock Ingram Q&A with theSQUAD Leader Kelly McGillivrayThe #becauseYOUmatter campaign was a creative effort between One Lady & a Tribe, theSQUAD and The Strategy Department, from when we worked on their brand essence and strategy. It is used both internally and externally.

theSQUAD is also doing their  activations?

Yes, we aim to do activations once a month. The key is that it has to be relevant and unexpected so it’s defiantly not scheduled in anyone’s diary.  We surprise them with a visit and a gift from the Exec Team.

Adcock Ingram Q&A with theSQUAD Leader Kelly McGillivrayWhere do you do the activations?

At the factory entrance  – so as they come through the turnstiles we like to have a smile on our faces and a little music or performance art or dancing, as well as a gift from the heart – something tasty or useful.  We see lots of smiles in return!  Even some dancing.

What activations have you done?

Pantsula dancers an umbrella dance (with umbrellas as gifts at the beginning of summer to keep people dry) and marimbas.

Adcock Ingram Q&A with theSQUAD Leader Kelly McGillivrayWe like the food angle too – always welcome.

Yes indeed, soft serve on a hot day! Hot chocolate on a cold winters morning – some of the staff start work at 05h00.

How have the activations gone down with the staff?

At first they were a bit sceptical, so it was hard at the beginning, oncethey were comfortable that is was JUST becauseTHEYmatter and to say thank you and make their day a bit brighter is was all good.

Adcock Ingram Q&A with theSQUAD Leader Kelly McGillivrayWhat responses have you had?

As soon as they see us in our becauseYOUmatter t-shirts their faces light up. We have people dancing and singing and joining in. There will always be someone not interested in getting involved– but they see their colleagues smiling and I can tell you on the days the becauseYOUmatter team is there – they have a better day!

Why do you love doing jobs like this?

This feeds my soul, making someone smile; knowing what we have been tasked to do has made a difference.  Because they really do matter – we all matter. And it filters down, the promo staff we use also feel great after an activation, they also walk away with a spring in their step.

Adcock Ingram Q&A with theSQUAD Leader Kelly McGillivrayAnything else you'd like to add?

I have a soft spot for this ongoing campaign – the people,the stories and what they do … Ultimately their work makes an impact in someone’s life.  A mom watching over their child in a hospital bed. An old man sitting next to the bed of his wife of 50 years while she recovers from heart surgery. The stories are endless. If we can remind the staff at Adcock Ingram Q&A with theSQUAD Leader Kelly McGillivrayAICC that what they do is incredible then we have done our job!

Thank you Kelly.

Contact: Kelly McGillivray