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Collaborate and Listen

Collaborate and Listen

Collaborate and Listen "Every collaboration helps you grow." Brian Eno

Without collaboration? Greatness simply wouldn’t happen.

There is power in acting together. We wouldn’t exist without our amazing network of contacts. Here are some of theSQUAD's favourite collaborations.

Swatch and the Smart CarCollaborate and Listen
“We are convinced that the changing nature of transport needs means there is a market for this kind of ecologically sound car.” Nicolas Hayek (1994)

X-Men Origins
Collaborate and ListenFrom Tsotsi to X-Men. From Hollywood to SA. From Australian Actor Hugh Jackman to South African Director Gavin Hood. Multi co-lab loveliness.



Collaborate and ListenToasted Cheese and Marmite
Who can argue with hot, toasty bread smothered in bubbling melted cheese with Marmite nipping at your taste buds? Also, Nigella’s Marmite Spaghetti...

Air Jordan
Collaborate and ListenNike needed Michael Jordan. But he wasn't interested. The historic deal that almost didn’t happen.



We’ll Be Loving You AlwaysCollaborate and Listen

Mary J. Blige and George Michael take it to church - it never gets old.

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