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Digital ID E-Interview with theSQUAD Creative Events

Digital ID E-Interview with theSQUAD

Introducing Julian Robberts, Website Designer & Branding  and Co-Founder of Digital-ID. We caught up with Julian via an email interview (what else in this era?) and found out a little more about what makes him tick and what Digital-ID are doing at the moment - besides helping theSQUAD a lot!

Hello Julian and thank for your time, please describe yourself in twenty words or less.

I'm quiet, calm, and collected. A Science and Tech Enthusiast. Gamer. I tend to grow on people.

What do you do at Digital-ID?

I'm the Co-founder of Digital-ID and Print-ID. Within that I'm a website designer and I manage clients, and employees.

How does the work you do impact the world?

We aim to give businesses online exposure, while also giving businesses the opportunity to reach people outside of their community. Our goal is assist South African business to create an online presence, and become more of a player in the online world.

That's cool, and we know you're supporting good causes? 

Yes, we have also done a website for The Platter Project in the past 6 months. The Platter Project is a NPO which sells art (Wildlife art drawn/printed onto Platters, and posters) to raise funds for the Rhino Movement, and also raise money for the needy who can’t afford medical care (Children with serious medical issues).

If we have NPO’s requesting Website Design, we will always consider a really competitive price, or even as a donation.

What are you and theSQUAD working on together?

We are working together on the following:

  • Creating an online presence for the Sports, Science & Rehabilitation division of Adcock Ingram Critical Care (Website, Social Media, eMail campaigns, Catalogues).
  • Microsite/landing page for Large Volume Parenterals, a division of Adcock Ingram Critical Care
  • Microsite for Denny Mushrooms “Add goodness to every meal” campaign

How do you keep creative / sane / inspired at the moment?

In a nutshell: Reading Blogs – Website Design Trends. Canva / Elementor / Photoshop. And then there are the comments from completed projects which really boost morale – people are usually really excited, and very satisfied with our work delivered.

Absolutely, Kelly and theSQUAD would agree - it's awesome working with you!  Where can people see your work / how can they get hold of you?

On our Facebook profile @digitalidgroup

By emailing

Or visiting our website at

Links to work here: