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Five Ways to Slay With an Event Away

five-ways-to-slay-with-an-event-away by theSQUAD creative events Johannesburg

Five Ways to Slay With an Event AwaytheSQUAD kicked-off the year by creating a lavish Rio de Janeiro carnival extravaganza. What an awesome way to start 2017, although we only received confirmation on doing the event six days before the celebration, so it tested our turnaround skills. Especially as it was all happening 198 kms from Johannesburg, in Sun City.

The client was Adcock Ingram for Myprodol and they wanted an unforgettable partyfor 260 of their employees.  But making Rio come to life in Sun City meant being ultra-organised before we left Joburg. From dancers to drummers; video to pyrotechnics. Not to mention the decor, props and accessories.  But we made it happen, in true Squad-style.

Here are some tips from the team make an event away happen with (relatively) few hiccups.

  • Production Document

Five Ways to Slay With an Event AwayCreate the master of all detailed production documents, so anyone involved knows exactly what’s happening when and who to contact for anything, any time. We’re lucky to have Tumi, the Rock star, managing the details. That’s her superpower. Thank you Tumi.

  • Away List

When you need to take everything including the kitchen sink, don’t forget:

  • All the event accessories, for us this also included 160 balloons and the helium to blow them up.
  • Tool and Medical Boxes.
  • Vitamin boosters on hand for the crew and clients – we love Berocca and Turbovite.
  • A good pair of tekkies (trainers) because you are going to walk far.
  • Cable ties – a lot of them.
  • More cable ties.
  • Double up - if you need 10 light bulbs, bring double the amount.
  • Swimming costumes for a swim in the pool before work (and a spare one in case someone forgets theirs, not mentioning any names - Kefiloe).
  • Five Ways to Slay With an Event AwayEntertainment

This was also prepped from Joburg beforehand.

  • Choreographers – we used Jodie Davimes and Nicol Sheraton who pulled the dancers and costumes together in record time.
  • Props - a must for the guests to look the part and feel the party.
  • Music Playlist – in our case, a chilled Brazilian Samba, BossaNova lounge mix to go with the theme, while guests arrived and waited for the festivities to begin.
  • Drumming – thanks to the Drum Café the vibe was awesome.
  • DJ – Can’t go wrong with a great one – we used Vin Deyselwho kept the crowd dancing til late.
  • Pyrotechnics – when you’re having a street party you need fireworks! Pyrospectacular were our fireworks maestros. They gave us 5 minutes of goosebumps and “Oooh’s and Aaahh’s”
  • Plan B

Five Ways to Slay With an Event AwayThings will go wrong and being able to think on your feet when the curve balls get thrown your way is part of the job.

  • Weather Apps - weather apps lie! We watched the prediction of rain for four days before the event and on the evening – clear skies (but windy!).
  • Travel - And always check your car before hitting the road on a long trip and have emergency services on standby.
  • .. The Weather - when you do something outside make sure you account for the elements, we had a plasma screen blown over by the wind and had to make a plan and get everything back up and running.
  • Gaffer tape shrinks in air con, just so you know.
  • When a monkey demands your fruit - oblige!
  • Five Ways to Slay With an Event AwayDo More
  • Help - if a client has a flat tyre on the way to the event, make a plan to fix it, as we did.
  • Centre Piece –our pièce de résistance was a red velvet 3D cake that weighed about 30kg with the Myprodol 30th anniversary logo on and even little Myprodol tablets in icing sugar, made by Indulge Cakes. The guests loved it!
  • Work Hard, Play Hard - play is a big theme for us. We do what we do because we love it and we are passionate about it and it has to be fun to keep the passion alive. If you don’t have the time for fun, you find the time.

Passion for what you do will always show – and we knew we had nailed it when we received this compliment: "Congratulations on the success of the event you organised in Sun City. theSQUAD Creative Events’ passion and leadership are outstanding and inspirational."

Kelly McGillivray, Squad Leader

Editorial Note:

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