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Getting Together Again

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Inge Crow Creating Connection theSQUAD Creative EventsWe loved working with Inge Crow, Freelance Event Specialist and Producer, on one of our first in-person events in a while! Inge reminded us of the term, "event-unfit", and how we need to get in shape to match the energy levels needed now. Thanks for these insights on Everything is Connected Inge. 

“I’m a diehard event chick so when COVID hit I took the time to spend quality time with family and dogs. Plus I started a succulent garden, so I got to play with a pick axe in the garden - getting rid of weeds.

With regards to eventing work, during COVID there were no in-person events, and I realised that virtual was where it was going. I did tons of research on the various platforms and found out how it worked. During the time when events didn’t happen, I didn’t do anything differently or reinvent myself; instead I used my project management skills to manage content for agencies doing virtual events. I created tons of spreadsheets outlining timelines, deadlines, deliverables, and more.

2022 it is looking exciting as face to face events are returning. Once again, I’m not changing anything - agencies know my worth and they know who to call when they need to get a job done quickly and professionally. 

I have found the tricky thing at the moment is that our clients have had to engage virtually, and now return to face to face. So there’s a frenetic energy in the industry at present. Frenetic because it’s all rush, rush, NOW. Needing all the energy of going back to what we used to do. But we are a little out of practice. We call this being “event unfit”. Aside from this, the biggest challenge is the rise in costs. Budgets are higher as supplier costs are higher - and it’s not easy.

Everything is Connected Inge Crow theSQUADA positive trend in events is all about getting together again, reconnecting with colleagues. I also think it is about learning to move forward without the people that we had two years ago - a celebration of coming out of the pandemic alive.

I am grateful to have new clients, and to be working with partners again. I am also getting the grey matter to think of creating events in a memorable way. We can’t go back to what we used to do. COVID has shaken up the mundane execution of events and we need to find a way to deliver to an even higher expectation.

It was such a pleasure working with theSQUAD recently. The “I-got-your-back”, “we-in-this-together” straightforward honesty is very refreshing. The team is eager and willing, and filled with such brilliant customer satisfaction energy.”

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