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Creative Director, Rina Wood, is responsible for a lot of the beautiful designs you see from theSQUAD, including our iconic wings. We spoke to Rina about how her business was affected by COVID, and what trends are on the rise now. Thanks for sharing these insights with us Rina. 

Rina Wookd Creating Connection theSQUAD Creative Events         "I am not going to lie, COVID-19 was scary and we had no choice but to think on our feet to navigate the storm. Surviving was the name of the game, never giving up was the armor. I had a few clients who were trying to navigate the same storm and we had a mutual understanding that we were in this together and that we needed to support each other no matter what. I found myself taking on projects that were totally out of my comfort zone and thriving. I renewed my love for the digital space and opened myself up for a lot more projects.

On the up- side, post COVID-19 doesn't scare me anymore. I know now working hard, staying humble, and keeping the head in the game works. You cannot rest and believe it will all work out; you have to get up every day with the end goal in mind and remember that you are only as good as your last job, it is all about relationships and honouring those relationships, and I am taking all relationships - clients and suppliers together. I think that's the biggest change for me, supporting small businesses - making sure I honour payment timelessly, never let them down because they never let me down.

Everything is Connected theSQUAD 4One of the key trends now is that the events industry adopted new and innovative delivery models, going entirely digital or embracing hybrid digital and in-person solutions. Businesses have fully embraced technology to give us the much-needed interaction. What’s happening now is there is the perception that because the event is not live, it can be put together a lot quicker, is not entirely true, there is a lot of work behind the scenes to make the experience better and connection more real.

People are leaning towards smaller events with more focus on safety and wellbeing of our attendees.
Hybrid events have proven to be quite effective especially with travel, and uncertainty. And we are only getting better from here and building trust that all efforts of keeping you safe have been taken care of. With the COVID-fatigue that has set in, extra care at keeping our clients safe is even more so now.

The space the pandemic has opened up for small businesses, the mindset has changed that we need to focus within and spend money on small businesses to help them thrive and survive has been refreshing. A lot of people have lost their jobs and started their hustle - it is with us supporting each other that we can build on these relationships and help each other grow.”

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