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I Deliver, We Win – with Kellogg’s South Africa

I Deliver, We Win - with Kelloggs South Africa

I Deliver, We Win - with Kelloggs South AfricaWe caught up with Squadron Leader Kelly and found out what made theSQUAD’s first event for Kellogg’s South Africa snap, crackle and pop...

What was it like working with your new client Kellogg's?

Detailed – a very diverse bunch of very clever people – initially we worked with a committee from across the business to put the idea together and then we were introduced to the leadership team and that is where it got interesting – very diverse – each dynamic in their own fields and know what they want!

What was the creative concept around "I Deliver, We Win"?

If you don’t deliver no one wins – each person needs to be accountable for their responsibilities and they need to work as a team to be able to deliver.

I Deliver, We Win - with Kelloggs South AfricaWhy did you choose Hangout Jozi as a venue and what did you do to the space?

We needed a big space but did not want to use the normal conference venues, I think initially when the guests arrived they were a little apprehensive and were expecting “fancy” but once they realised that we had taken an empty space and created a Kellogg's space for them – they were impressed.

How many employees attended?

260 Guests – 30% from head office and 70% from the Springs and Boksburg factory.

Who did the catering? The menu looks good!

It was a mixture:

I Deliver, We Win - with Kelloggs South AfricaBreakfast & Teas – Fresh Creative Catering. Lunch – we had food trucks. Afternoon snack – Tacos by Pringles and Taco Kombi. Dinner we used Nyama Spit Braai – they supplied chicken, beef, lamb and boerewors and all the trimmings. We needed to make sure there was lots of food and a variety – when you have a mixed group you need to give people choices.

Gifts were shirts, key rings, shoes - did they go down well?

They were spoilt! Everyone was given a t-shirt before the event and were asked to wear it to the event.  The keyrings were to launch their new recognition program; and then we had an Oprah moment. Each person received a pair of converse takkies as a gift. The intention behind this was to invite colleagues to “converse” with you when something important is going on in your life.

Tell us about the questions cards?

I Deliver, We Win - with Kelloggs South AfricaQuestion cards were for them to ask the execs anything in the panel discussion.

What did Rob Dersley do?

Rob was amazing – he spent the afternoon “illustrating” on 26 brown paper table cloths – relevant to the values / brand and products.

What went really well?

It was a new experience to work on such a big delivery for a new client – and it was great to build the relationships with them and the Kellogg’s brand.

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