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KFC SoundBite Event

KFC SoundBite Event

We recently did a super-fun, high energy event, using a cool space with a great audience. It was the launch of a web based music platform; an innovative online idea supporting KFC’s commitment to connecting local artists with their fans.

KFC SoundBite EventtheSQUAD’s love of music beautifully aligned with the launch of KFC’s SoundBite site. A veritable “who’s who” of over a hundred talented influencers gathered at the Dakota Lee Tattoo Parlour, sharing their passion for local music. Here are some of the ways theSQUAD helped create anticipation and ambiance.

Tech Reveal

We encouraged guests to use their cell phones and provided iPads and touch screens for them to engage with SoundBite. On arrival, the attendees were each given a card with a unique code to unlock the ten featured songs on the site. We had promotional staff helping them create their unique online profile.


The deliciousness supplied by #HotCaterers was memorable. Their menu was a work of art. To give your taste buds a tingle and create food FOMO let’s just name-drop some of the culinary delicacies: Oyster Bloody Mary shots, light and crispy pastry cigars with sweet potato and butternut, beef fillet on mustard shortbread with onion and balsamic jam,  or how about deep friend chocolate Lindt Ball bon-bons with Chantilly cream?


South African music is very hip hop and our client, KFC, suggested we use live graffiti artists at the launch. But because the event space was relatively small, the fumes wouldn’t be safe. Health and safety is always top of mind. Instead we sourced KFC branded caps. They were personalised by three very clever artists who normally customise our Superga and Converse clients’ accessories.

Vibes and Tattoos

DJ Slique kicked off by burning-up the DJ decks, followed by the resident Dakota Lee music aficionado, DJ Grizzly, who lived up to his own words: “Most DJ’s play music to you... I mess with the imagination when I rock.”

We also had an airbrush tattoo artist from Facepaint Fanatix who gave guests the option to choose their own temporary tattoo design. The tatts looked like the real deal, but washed off after a good scrub.

SoundBite Summary

The favourite moment of producing an event like this is seeing it all come together so quickly –theSQUAD thrives on that (most of the time). It was also an eclectic experience working out of an unusual space like a tattoo parlour.

Thank YOU

The Senior Brand Manager at KFC Lauren Turnbull, complimented us on our hard work, attention to detail and perseverance, but it was very much a group effort. Here are the other rock star suppliers who made it happen, including our communications partners, Plato.

Not forgetting theSQUAD superheroes: Toni Rothbart, Tumi Tsoai and Deo Pereira. Here’s to the next one.

Kelly McGillivray, Squad Leader

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