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Live Life Inspired with Kelly McGillivray

Live Life Inspired with Kelly McGillivray

Spearheading theSQUAD’s Live Life Inspired interview series is our Squadron Leader, Kelly McGillivray, who is a seeker, always looking for new ways to do things differently and better. We chatted to her about keeping inspired, tracing her family heritage in Scotland and making lifestyle changes to fuel the body and the mind.

Live Life Inspired with Kelly McGillivray Hello Kelly, let’s jump right in. What inspires you daily?

My kids, they are awesome. Also, I try and find one thing every day that moves me – that makes me think or moves my soul. I spend my morning coffee time considering how I need to be positive and how the day will be what I make it. Being grateful – grateful for what I have and the opportunities that present themselves.

Your trip to the UK looked incredible. Eight McGillivray’s and one Peltz taking over Scotland and London! Which space did you really love?

Edinburgh was amazing. I want to go back there and spend at least three weeks immersing myself in the culture. There’s so much history, so much to see and so much to do! We travelled from Edinburgh to the Isle of Skye.

Everything works and even though it is steeped in history it feels new and cutting edge. 

The mind boggles at buildings from 1410, so hard to comprehend the how? How did they do that? The rest of Scotland is also so very beautiful, friendly people,  green and the countryside is magical,  I mean,  who has the coolest cows? Scotland! – I would love to go back

Live Life Inspired with Kelly McGillivrayWhat inspired the holiday?

It was a family heritage trip so my Mom who turned 70 last year was the host and she wanted to show us where we come from, where she was born and where she lived the first couple of years of her life. To meet the family we’ve never met, see where my grandfather went to University and so many other things. 

Sounds very special – did you have any “event manager” moments?

Yes, we were a big group of nine so travelling and moving a “tour group” was a challenge at times and it was hard to keep the sergeant major tendencies at bay. Event management kicks in when it needs to, patience and letting go was the lesson.

How did you find the actual travelling?

Everything works over there. The streets are clean, public transport is amazing, the food was delicious with lots of variety.  We stopped at a strawberry farm stall on the way to Skye and the strawberries tasted like nothing I have ever eaten before!

Sounds like the service was a highlight?

Live Life Inspired with Kelly McGillivrayYes, in Scotland the service was great, people are friendly and helpful, and the stores have self service kiosks to check out your groceries which blew my mind.  London was different. It is not what it used to be, it just moves and it doesn’t feel very British. So it’s very cosmopolitan and a melting pot of people and characters.

How would you rate the food?

The food in Scotland was amazing, my mother had said that it was quite bland, it was anything but.  They take pride in what they cook and the fact that I got to eat haggis, black pudding and Scotch eggs when I wanted to was the best!

It sounds like it’s improved...

Yes, people take pride in what they make which gives it a gourmet flavour. Even in the grocery stores, there is a lot more variety, lots of bread and sandwiches but also pots and bowls of healthy stuff – I could have spent days just looking through the grocery stores – I am a sucker for anything new!  I may have stopped at the grocery store in London just to buy stuff to bring back from the Tesco!

What was the ultimate highlight?

Being with my family. It has been a long time since we have been on a holiday together. It was very special seeing my kids thrive and be excited with the new. Having Eben join the family on the trip was special, it takes a special kind to deal with eight McGillivrays! 

Watching my beautiful niece and nephew suck in the information, they are 10 and 7 and kept up with all the walking and kept us entertained.   Not sure that there will be another holiday with the cousins again.

What (besides work) is on the cards now you’re back?

Live Life Inspired with Kelly McGillivrayI’ve been reading about the benefits of intermittent fasting. I did it for three weeks before I went away and lost 3kg – so I’m getting back on the wagon! Hustling,  the market is tough out there,  so keep on keeping on.   Staying in touch with people and getting back in to the groove of giving,  I feel like I have lost my touch with regards to charity and doing good in amongst the daily grind.  Time to get my teeth into doing some good.

Did the fasting make a difference?

Yes, I felt that my head was less cloudy, that I was more focussed and that I was achieving something by reaching the goals I had set out for myself. I was feeling less chunky and had more energy.

How has fasting changed your outlook?

Live Life Inspired with Kelly McGillivrayIt has made me question why we need to eat three times a day – your body needs good healthy food to survive – but you don’t need it all the time.  This could just be a fad – but who knows. I think that’s a whole other interview!

What is your long term plan for life?

Wow...  That is a hard question, when I have had enough of the hamster wheel of events I think I would like to do good, help people and find a little farm and grow some chilli and make some mind blowing Kelly’s Revenge.  Or make sure my daughter moves to the UK and buys me a cottage on the moors.