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Meet theSQUAD Creative Events Team


The core team at theSQUAD Creative Events are feisty, funny and determined to go the extra mile. These are our super-powers and what makes us smile.

Meet theSQUAD TeamKefiloe Motaung, Entertainment Manager

“I wish I could describe myself as funny, but I am a loud-laughing, history channel -watching, tea-guzzling woman who is whimsical and a tad coy.

When I'm under pressure I behave like a duck; calm and unruffled on the surface but paddling like hell underneath.

My mother is my role model – I admire her for her tenacity and style.

Things that make me smile? Love letters from my aunts' 6 year-old triplets. Conversations with strangers. Flowers. Moon watching. Hearing a song I haven't heard in a while. Old couples. A good book. I think we can assume everything makes me smile, Lol!”

Meet theSQUAD TeamToni Rothbart, Producer

“I am a Joburg-Lover, Jacaranda-Worshiper, Road-Tripper, Deep-Belly-Laugher and Voracious-Reader.

My work superpower is making people laugh when the stress gets too stressful.

At this juncture in our political history Thuli Madonsela is an outstanding role model, although my long terms role models are both my parents, for their strength, stability, for every lesson they’ve taught me that’s contributed to who I am today and continue to grow to become.

I don’t know how to ride a bicycle (true story) but I’d like to learn.  Watching my dog catching Frisbee makes me happy. That there is pure joy.”

Meet theSQUAD Team Kelly Anne McGillivray Squadron Leader

"I make nonsense, I make crazy and I am good with clients and ideas.

My word for the moment is vivacious.

What’s my superpower? Being able to deal with curve balls. I'd like to be a better delegator.

Alexandra Parry is my role model because she has such a beautiful outlook on life...

I smile when I see other people smile and the little things. A dew drop on a leaf, a butterfly in the garden and green grass!"

Meet theSQUAD TeamTumisang Tsoai, Producer

"I'm a fixer, fix it Tumi. I never give up, till all is perfect.

My grandmother is my role model. She is stronger than ever, funny, sharp, gold mine of knowledge about life and growth. She is my number one lady.

I admire strength courage and wisdom in a person.

A new skill I'd like to master in 2017 is Pilates.

My children make me smile - they are the funniest ever, never a dull moment."

deoDeolinda “The Deo” Pereira, Producer

I am who I am, ain’t nobody like me!

My superpower is with numbers, I'm a Machine Whisperer.

I am my own role model.

New gadgets make me smile and I'd like to take up Parkour - The Path of the Warrior."