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My Life in 5 Songs: Christine Roberts

My Life in 5 Songs Christine Roberts Talented musician, Christine Roberts, from The Runaway Train Cult (an awesome band who theSQUAD is proud to manage) summed up her mood of the moment with five incredible songs that have meant something special to her. And here they are:

  1. I’m Shakin’ – Jack White: This song (a cover of Little Willie John’s original recorded in 1959) can get me dancing and tapping my feet no matter what mood i’m in. The music video is also pretty cool
  1. The Obvious Child – Paul Simon: I’ve always found this song very uplifting (think it might be the drums) It’s great for a sing along and then there’s Paul Simon’s voice to boot.
  1. O My Sweet Carolina – Ryan Adams: My favourite song of all time and I had to have a Ryan Adams song on my list because I’m a huge fan. This version easily brings tears to my eyes
  1. Scarlet Tide – Allison Krause: This one was written by Elvis Costello for the Soundtrack to Cold Mountain. Krauss’ performance is as beautifully haunting as the film itself.
  1. Surprise Yourself – Jack Garrat: This one I discovered about two weeks ago. I was really taken by the fact that the video was recorded live in one take. And that falsetto is just unreal, there are notes there I can only dream of hitting.

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