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Night of 1000 Drawings: How to Host a Doodle-Do

Night of 1000 Drawings How to Host a Doodle-Do If you give damn. Do something good. Give back. Give a little bit of yourself. Give a bit of your time. Show that you give a hoot. Hey, show that you give two hoots. Prove that you that you give a rat’s @$$. That you give a flying duck. Read on to find out more about Night of 1000 Drawings: How to Host a Doodle-Do.

Give your art and make a difference.

“Give a Doodle.”

Be part of South Africa’s biggest, one night only, inner-city art exhibition and sale to raise funds for education.

How to Doodle-Do

  1. Firstly start getting super excited! You’re about to Doodle Do a lot of good for a great cause.
  2. Take that excitement and visualise your “do”.
  3. It is all in the detail:
  • Venue – Let the space inspire the art. Host on a rooftop orin your office parking lot late at night, on your school tennis court, in the back of a 10-ton truck that’s attached to 20 hot air balloons flying over Braamfontein…
  • Music – Liven up the mood. Have a DJ, an iPod battle, a live band, a church choir singing hip hop.
  • Food – Have people bring their own, get some food trucks in or just order a ton of pizzas. Feed those starving artists.
  1. Who will you invite? Think about your attendees – is it open or private – is it for the staff at your office or for your close friends or for everyone?
  2. Choose a date.
  3. Choose a time.
  4. Choose a theme.
  5. Create a poster – design your own unique poster for the doodle-do.
  6. If it’s an open Doodle-Do, post it on Facebook. Share with 1000Drawings team We’ll help get the word out.
  7. All Doodle-Do’s must have doodle supplies: Lots of A5 paper, pens, pencils, paints, crayons etc.
  8. Where to drop your works of art when you’re done? Find a drop off point here:

 Need help – let us know – or 011 244 2164