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Pharmaceutical Product Launch – Hybrid Event

The initial brief on this job was for a hybrid event - so we needed to find a venue with enough height and space to hold 200 people and a full set and camera crew and tech team behind the scenes. It was months of venue discussions. COVID has taught us that nothing is final until it is final. The brief can change a million times but towards the end it always comes together.

We had eight speakers in total and a Master of Ceremonies – three of them were international so we were dealing with time zones and really tired doctors. We did two doctor's launches in the morning and then pre-recorded the dieticians launch for broadcast the following week – so we were clever and utilised the same set and stage for both events. At any given time we had 30 people on set.

We love working with people who are consummate professionals, like Dr. Michael Mol. You know if there are glitches (and there was a small one here) they will keep it together like a pro!


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