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Charmaine Creating Connection theSQUAD 5

Charmaine Creating Connection theSQUAD 1

Charmaine Weir-Smith is an award-winning Actress, Director and Writer who we love. theSQUAD asked her for an update on how life was during and after COVID, and she kindly shared these insights with us. 

“When President Ramaphosa announced the national state of disaster, I was on stage with Paul Slabolepszy and Renate Stuurman acting in Paul’s latest play “Suddenly the Storm” at Montecasino theatre. I thought theatre would be shut for possibly three to six months. How wrong was I?

Fortunately my other passion is writing. Being able to contribute to online content became a game changer in what would have been a very difficult two years. My previous relationships with corporate and event companies meant that I already had established relationships. We all moved online and I was incredibly busy writing throughout 2020 and 2021.

In terms of this year, it has got off to a good start. I am still writing and producing content for events. I’m happy to say that I am directing my first play post-COVID at The Theatre on the Square from September. I have been offered a play to perform in and am currently in negotiations for that. The news of theatres coming back to full capacity would be most welcome.

Charmaine Creating Connection theSQUADThe challenge I see at the moment, particularly in the corporate eventing space, is that I’m not sure that clients understand the creative process. Everything happened so quickly online clients have forgotten that deadlines for live events take longer and there are more elements to manage with a live event.

A current trend is one of buoyant optimism. People are craving connection with one another after being isolated for so long. Our stories matter and it’s time to breathe life into them. For me, it is very positive to be going back to performing and directing live theatre. I see communities coming together and connecting again after this dreadful pandemic which has robbed people of loved ones and livelihoods.

I find working with theSQUAD is a joy. Kelly is passionate about what she does and is deeply creative at heart. Her instincts about what works in eventing are spot on and she is never afraid to push the boundaries when it comes to doing exciting new work. She is supported by a fantastic team who are equally passionate and meticulous with their work.”

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