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Pandora Reflexions Media Launch

10 Ways to Make Media Launch Magic


10 Ways to Make Media Launch Magic"Don't follow trends, start trends." Frank Capra

The client brief was: “Make it Instagram-able, so it trends” so that's what we did. Here are 10 reasons why the Pandora Reflexions Media Launch got trending...

"Our intention creates our reality." Wayne Dyer

P.S. Please look out for #1120under5 - we're proud to be helping Kentucky Fried Chicken South Africa with these activations, no child in South Africa should go hungry and we're part of standing together to drop this stat.

One: Luscious Venue

The Munro Boutique Hotel has dramatic views of Johannesburg and a grand entrance which worked for our violinist playing in a 30 meter red cape, draped over the swimming pool and doubling as a red carpet. It also has nooks and crannies and spaces that worked perfectly to showcase the different aspects of the Reflexions range.

10 Ways to Make Media Launch MagicTwo: Down-to-earth and professional Master of Ceremonies

“Walking up to the entrance of the swish mansion, I am welcomed by the night’s host Thembisa Madoda who is resplendent in a white cocktail dress with one shoulder of ruffled sleeves...” Craig Jacobs, #PANDORAReflexions

Three: Lighting and Technical (thank you Dream Sets)

Lighting makes all the difference - it can make a good event exceptional. In the Reflexions room, for example, all we needed were mirror balls and some pin spots. Turn off some of the lights and you have a magnificent room.

10 Ways to Make Media Launch Magic Four: Influencers + Awesome Event + Hashtag = Trending

It's a simple equation but tricky to get right. #PANDORAReflexions trended at number three on the launch night with thanks to Hayley from Actorvate. They invited Influencers with genuine brand synergy and it worked. Also, a shout out to Plato Connect who helped out on the CSI side. 

Five: Pushing Boundaries

To create "Instagram-able" moments we pushed the envelope and designed wow-factor moments throughout the evening. Firstly, by maximizing the incredible view over the infinity pool, putting a violinist at the end of the carpet with simple balloons that spelt REFLEXIONS - the perfect add-on to the vista. But... we needed to push for our vision, not all parties could see it initially.

10 Ways to Make Media Launch MagicSix: Delectable Edibles

Prawn wontons, Peking duck pancakes with hoi sin or char grilled artichoke hearts with lemon and Parmesan? Spinach gnocchi with fresh porcini and fried crispy sage and Parmesan or flash grilled rump strips with shoestring fries and herb Bearnaise sauce? And more, including macaroons, crème Brule and cocktail chocolate éclairs. Sigh.

Seven: Budget Tricks

Budgets worldwide have been cut and we have to be very clever with money, so going old school often works and doubling up on elements assists with making an impact. For example, the Pandora "O" was the backdrop for the presentation as well as the media wall – people loved it. We also utilized the venue's Rolls Royce as a feature for photos.

10 Ways to Make Media Launch MagicEight: Free Wifi and Hashtag Reminders

Wifi is very important at a media event – people want to be pampered, have fun and easily share those selfies. As a hashag reminder we gave each guest a little card with #PANDORAReflexions printed on and had it on the screens so they'd remember to use it.

Nine: Keep it Real

10 Ways to Make Media Launch MagicWe suggested getting Pandora Store Managers involved, rather than having promoters at the launch. This happened and they loved it – such great ladies – they had a blast and carried the spirit of the launch back to the stores with them.

Ten: Surprise and Delight

Yes, we had human topiary trees which everyone wanted a photo with, ditto a living statue. Thank you to Tamryn Sher on Instagram who posted; "When events companies up their game to give you visual excellence such as this piece of living art. Give that agency a Bells."

Lastly, a big thanks to Rich Townsend Photography for the event photographs - beautiful as always.

Kelly McGillivray, Squad Leader

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