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Shooting from the Heart for 1000 Drawings

1000 drawings shooting from the heart with theSQUAD events company

Shooting from the Heart for 1000 DrawingsIt started with a lot of shopping for stationary. Pink things, red things, orange things. Blue things and green things. Then there was some digging around in toy boxes and the raiding of art supplies.  We begged, borrowed, and possibly stole stationary until there was enough to fill the screen.

Filming our promo video for 1000 Drawings included long list of talented volunteers, and their time. It took three hours on the day before the shoot to lay out the picture with all the starring parts and then thirteen hours to do the full animation - with Juniper moving each piece of stationary individually and over and over again.

“I’ve been on a coffee detox,” reports Juniper. “But with the kind day I knew stretched before me, I chose to have a cup of coffee as we started shooting. Obviously I got the shakes and kept bumping things. We had to restart about three times. I may have cried a little bit...”

We took a total of 343 photographs to make this story come to life. And used about 500 individual items to create the scenes. Here’s the link to the final 1000 Drawings promo:

Shooting from the Heart for 1000 DrawingsSome of the photos will be available for sale at The Night of 1000 Drawings, which will happen in Johannesburg on the 10th of November, at Joziburg Lane at Number One Eloff Street.

Kelly McGillivray, 1000 Drawings Event Manager


In their order of involvement, our thanks go out to:

Juniper, for the concept and direction. And sound effects!

Michael Smith, the talented DOP. He even let us use his studio (The Redhead Studio)

Ashley Kadish, for your producer skills

Fresh Eye Films, for donating a whole whack of art supplies.

Leigh Forrest, for assisting with the beautiful pre-builds before the shoot.

Jason Basson, a most extraordinary editor from Orchestra Blue.

Kayleigh Kinnear, also an extraordinary editor at Orchestra Blue, who lent us her wonderful voice for the TV version.

Mark Lebenon from Geppetto’s Workshop for the grade.

The whole of Orchestra Blue Post Production for your help and enthusiasm. And tea and sandwiches.

Hugh Davison, who recorded the sound effects and composed the music.

Angie Hammond from LoveBurd, who designed the lovely titles.

Sean Williams from Sterling Sound, for finishing the audio and final mix.

About: Night of 1000 Drawings

South Africa's biggest, one night only, inner-city art exhibition and sale to raise funds for education. 1000 Drawings is an empowerment project that culminates in a one-night-only, massive inner-city art sale to raise funds for a deserving cause.