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The A to Z of theSQUAD Creative Events

theSQUAD A to Z

The A to Z of theSQUAD Creative Events PandoraSince starting theSQUAD in 2013 we’ve done so many different types of events we’ve almost covered the entire alphabet. Bam! Here’s a little retrospective of some of the fabulous work we’ve done with inspiring clients who trust our unique creative spirit.


In a sense every event we do is an activation, but the “Move it. Shake it. Make it Count” Values roll out for Stanlib was particularly good fun. It involved a dance-off and a cook-off with some awesome South African celebs involved to keep things lively.

The A to Z of theSQUAD Creative Events PandoraBrand Launches

It was super-exciting to be part of the Pandora-Disney brand launch in South Africa last year. Also: Hard work, with 11 shop launches countrywide in one day. We recently worked with Pandora again on their Shine jewellery range launch and in store activations - dazzling.

The A to Z of theSQUAD Creative Events PandoraCharity

Giving back is a big deal to us and we’ve been involved in the Night of 1000 Drawings campaign for years now. It’s a collaboration of creating and selling art with anyone wanting to be involved. 1000 Drawings celebrates inner city Jozi and supports child education with the help of amazing suppliers and the always generous Joburg people.

The A to Z of theSQUAD Creative Events PandoraDigital Detox

Our first digital detox brief was to create a team building getaway for a busy corporate client – no devices! They needed to unwind, get offline and get to know each other better. Read more about this growing trend in events here.

The A to Z of theSQUAD Creative Events Pandora 10Employee Engagement

TheBecause YOU Matter Campaign for Adcock Ingram’s Specialized Therapies division is meaningful employee engagement work. Initially we developed their campaign identity and assisted with the launch, leading to more internal communications. These people save lives so it’s special to be able to keep them motivated.

Food Trucks

We love using food trucks and supporting local business through a co-ab. For a recent event we had EpicEats, Tuttos, Filthy Moustache, Culture Kitchen, Treat Ice Cream and Coffee, Taco Kombi and Nyama Spit Braai all on site feeding the hungry hordes.

The A to Z of theSQUAD Creative EventsGolf Events

Our Golf Day for Rectron stands out because it was way more than a day! Guests partied into the night. With fun, sun, sport, food and great live music – there was lots to love.


On 1 December for World AIDS Day we helped the EXXARO Group do something a little different; coordinating their employees into the shape The A to Z of theSQUAD Creative Eventsof a giant HIV/AIDS ribbon, making a statement about testing and awareness within the business.

Incentive Awards

We’ve done lots of these and the secret to success is – do it differently. Your client will also love you for those extra little touches. We’ve actually won an award at an incentive award show we were producing – how cool is that?

Jazz withJim Beam Made South

The A to Z of theSQUAD Creative EventsThis activation turned into a year-long co-lab to create unique intimate experiences with Jim Beam and amazing local South African bands in live music venues around Gauteng to celebrate Jim Beam Made South: The Goodluck Bar hosted us with Fuzigish, Kitcheners and The Brother Moves On feat/ Itai Hakim, The Orbit Jazz Club with Rebirth of Cool, The Muffinz at the Bannister Hotel and Samthing Soweto at Rhapsody’s in Hatfield.


One of our event secret superpowers - it has everything in it from paper clips to a mallet. Also, double-sided tape, which has saved many a wardrobe malfunction.  And cable ties, mmm, you know you’re meant to be in events if cable ties get you excited. You’ll find our full kit-box list right here.

The A to Z of theSQUAD Creative EventsLive Bands

As part of theSQUAD’s 360’ event offering we have an amazing selection of bands on our books. We’ll select the musicians best suited to your The A to Z of theSQUAD Creative Eventscorporate event, wedding, birthday, anything.


From birthdays to building launches, we’ve helped many corporate clients put an exclamation point on memorable moments.  The Bilfinger Africa Building Launch was a lovely one with Nozipho Mbanjwa and Dr Roelof Botha making the unveiling even more colourful.


Some of our events are amazing networking experiences for guests. We do this by teaming up with fantastic PR and influencer agencies that pull in the right crowd– whether it’s sporting icons, celebrities or business journalists.

The A to Z of theSQUAD Creative EventsOpening Ceremonies

For the opening of the Academy of the University of Johannesburg (UJ) we did a series of thought provoking talks and stand-up comedy in the form of the mind-altering Nik Rabinowitz. Guests left feeling inspired - having laughed, learned, networked and eaten delicious food.

Pop Ups

The A to Z of theSQUAD Creative EventsWe love a pop up! Especially when there is food involved. Last year we held our first pop up restaurant in collaboration with The Chefs Joburg and CME Decor Specialists. It was an awesome experience; don’t miss our next one, coming up soon.

Quad Biking

 This is one of our most popular team building events. It brings out the inner demon and is an effective ice breaker for any corporate team.

The A to Z of theSQUAD Creative EventsRemote Locations

Do you need a consultative community forum arranged for 200 people, set up in a remote part of the Limpopo province? We can help with location scouts, chartered flights, food, accommodation and everythingin between.  No distance is too isolated or far flung for the intrepid Squad team.


From our incredible, agile support base of suppliers to the dynamite Squad Team (the SQUIDLEYS) it’s perfectly true, in the words of Joel Brown: “If you surround yourself with positive people who build you up, the sky is the limit.”

The A to Z of theSQUAD Creative EventsTeam Building

Whether its hot air ballooning or communing with elephants; we’ve created memorable team building experiences for many satisfied customers.

Urban Spaces

We make it our mission to explore Jozi and find the most unexpected urban spaces. We look for quirky spots which are full of potential – then theSQUAD transforms them into event masterpieces. theSQUIDLEYS also do monthly taste recces to find the freshest eateries in town.

The A to Z of theSQUAD Creative EventsVideos

We’ve worked with amazing companies,shooting a variety of different videos, including the Save the Rhino Foundation and Audi with theSouth African Cricket Team. Not forgetting other corporate clients – you really can’t go wrong with one of our choreographed music videos.


When two people pledge their love to each other theSQUAD is delighted to be on-hand to help things run smoothly. We’re a sucker for a beautiful The A to Z of theSQUAD Creative Eventslove celebration and we know how to make it happen seamlessly.

X-Ray Vision

It’s not exactly an event but it goes a long way towards making one work! Anticipating event needs in advance saves time and leaves a lasting impression. As one lovely SQUAD client said: “You made us look like rock stars, but we know it was you that ensured our day ran without any glitches.”


The A to Z of theSQUAD Creative EventsOne thing I know for sure is we love food - so when we can we get a bit Heston Blumenthal for events. Like creating an entire room full of chocolate sand, vanilla brûlé pops, candied orange, fresh berries and mint caviar pearls. It was also fun devising gold food and drinks for the Pandora Shine launch, not to mention elevating fast-food to a gourmet experience for KFC Taste Kitchen.

What more can I say? It’s been a wild ride so far - and to the letter Z - we’re coming for you!

Kelly McGillivray, theSQUAD Leader

Editorial Note:

About: theSQUAD Creative Events

Incredible challenges are what take us to the moon and back. theSQUAD work to outdo themselves with bigger, more authentic, lump-in-your-throat, goose-bump-inducing, pulse-raising, smile-widening, can't-believe-that-just-happened experiences. We look forward to you joining us for the ride.

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