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The Power of Great Produce and Collaboration with Workbench

The Power of Great Produce and Collaboration with Workbench

Workbench create “feel good work” for brands with a combination of hard-earned strategy and world-class creative execution. With it they grow brands and businesses over the long-term. And that feels good! We spoke to Mike from Workbench about strategising for their sizzling new Denny Campaigns and more...

What role has your business played in the recent Denny Campaigns?

Our role is both strategic: understanding the context, challenges and plotting an approach to overcome that definedchallenge; as well as create and produce the key creative communication pieces per channel to fulfil that approach to the assigned budget.

How important has collaboration been on this project?

As an independent, boutique advertising agency, which we are determined to remain, we can only a) achieve the scale of required output b) be abreast with the latest best practice in terms of media, digital, production, and PR c) get the required attention to detail that world-class work required through collaboration. We have built our agency to authentically build long-term partnerships with proven partners who bring so much more value and speed than if we had to do it in-house. Denny Winter Comforts is just another beneficiary of these partnerships. Our collaborative attitude helped us work with the Good Things Guy in a way that would never been able to happen at a traditional agency. We know, because we came from those places.

What’s been the favourite part of working with Denny and the team?

Our favourite part is seeing how a combination of strategy and creative and good team work has revived a legendary South African brand and business to what is possible. To delight a brand and business while delighting and helping ordinary South Africans – it doesn’t get better than that in advertising!

Do you think brands genuinely getting involved in supporting the community will be a thing we’ll see more of in the future?

A lot has been said on this subject, and we have to be careful with believing that advertising can change the world. What it can and must do is be relevant to the needs of its customers and demonstrate their commitment to fulfilling that need in a way that does no harm. Only business and brands who truly and truthfully are committed to this principle will avoid being vilified in the future and actually be part of the solution.

Do you now know more about mushrooms?!

Damn straight! There is literally no end to the goodness of mushrooms and what they do for us and the planet.

What’s your favourite mushroom recipe at the moment?

Soy sauce caramelised Portobello mushrooms in and on practically everything!

(For the others) What’s it like working with Kelly and theSQUAD?

We affectionately call Kelly “the Crowbar” – because with her and her team they make stuff happen – they literally breakdown doors and pull on contacts for the production to come to life and deliver serious value. This attitude coupled with an appreciation of creating considered and tasteful experiences/touch points is hard to beat!