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Brilliant Live Bands!

As part of theSQUAD'S 360 event offering, we manage a range of original live bands that will make your corporate event, wedding or party a memorable affair.

The Runaway Train Cult

TBT Runaway Train Cult South Africa

A fully acoustic band featuring nine instruments, their genre is a mesmerising mix of Appalachian country, bluegrass, gypsy, New Orleans jug band and contemporary folk. Besides original material they not so much cover songs as uncover them, songs that have been buried, going back to the early 1900’s through the rich picking ground of the 20’s 30’s and 40’s.


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Awesome 4some

Awesome Foursome South Africa

From Folk Rock to Classical Country, South American Tango to African Jazz and Blues. The Awesome Foursome's synergy on guitar, banjo, double bass and violin can be perfectly tailored to suit your corporate event or make your wedding party even more memorable.


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Laurie Levine

Laurie Levine South Africa

An internationally acclaimed artist and songwriter with a soulful voice that breathes life into her songs and embodies the emotional core of her lyrics. Poetic and understated, Laurie's music is a powerful force to be reckoned with. 


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Anything Goes Trio

Anything Goes Trio

An ensemble playing everything from Tango and Klezmer to Gypsy Jazz and Swing, the Anything Goes Trio blends impeccable class and flawless dexterity into a unique and creamy musical brew. The trio comprises of Rynier Prins on guitar, Viwe Mkizwana on upright bass and Siobhan Lloyd-Jones on violin.

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Double Dragon DJ duo

Double Dragon DJ Duo
Double Dragon DJs

Double Dragon are two DJ brothers, Rook Skywalker and Hiro, who rock the world with 80's vinyl records... And take their air guitar very seriously.

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Laurie Levine and Josie Field (Side by Side)

Laurie and Josie Musicians

The blues infused vocal-rock of Josie Field (Best Female South African Music Award Nominee 2012) connects with the intimate folk, country style of Laurie Levine (Best Produced Album ‘Six Winters’ South African Music Award Winner 2012) to create a unique and intimate musical experience.

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The Kickstands

The Kickstands South African Band

Musicianship, songwriting and over a thousand gigs around Southern Africa since 2009. The Kickstands pride themselves on being able to perform at intimate venues as well as major festivals and showcase events. They've performed amongst, and supported, some of South Africa's most popular artists such as Goldfish, Just Jinjer, Goodluck, Albert Frost, Dan Patlansky, Arno Carstens, Matthew Mole, Gangs of Ballet, Desmond & the Tutus and Mango Groove.

Without radio support, their live performances have carried their unique, improvised and energetic acoustic sound around Southern Africa gaining fans along the way, all the while fine tuning their craft. Most of all, they enjoy the journey.

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Georgetown - South African Band

Georgetown is a multi-instrumental Bluegrass Folk band. They use a variety of musical instruments during their performances including acoustic guitar, piano, ukulele, upright bass, mandolin, harmonica, clarinet, saxophone, a washboard and a 1935 suitcase, giving a unique and creative sound to contemporary and original music.

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Simple Stories

Simple Stories South African band - Simpl3 Stori3s

Simpl3 Stori3s

Three brothers united in perfect harmony.

The band was formed in 2014, the destiny of three talented individuals combining their skills to craft arrangements, harmonies and personalities: leaving the listener eager to hear more.

This was the beginning of the VISION - MUSIC - LYRICS that forms the basis of the group.

Simpl3 Stori3s started out on the campus of the University of the Free State and in their time together have managed to get onto stages across various national platforms.

Stages they’ve been on (amongst others): Lush Clarens festival 2017 • SA Beer on Tap, Craft Beer and Music Fesival, JHB 2017 • Afriski Winter Festival, Lesotho • White Mountain 2016 & 2017 • Bloemfontein Beer Festival • Free State Arts Festival, Sound of your life stage 2016 • Earth Festival, Gariep, 2016.


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BadWolf for events - theSQUAD

BadWolf is a fresh 5 piece band created purely to reinvent your favourite Top 40 songs and other highly recognisable tunes with a hip, groove based approach. Bad Wolf fuses the beautiful harmonies of their vocalists with the sweet sounds of piano, guitar, drums, upright bass, and trumpet. The band can be scalded up to an eight piece or scaled down to a three piece depending on your unique needs.

Professional musicians who love music and prefer the personal approach to dealing with their clients. BadWolf are ideal for corporate functions and weddings.

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