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As part of a series of Everything is Connected  interviews, theSQUAD spoke to talented decor entrepreneur, Charmaine Elliott who is the owner of Decorate with Char. Here's what she told us about COVID, and her post-pandemic world.

Charmaine Elliott Creating Connection theSQUAD“I was affected by COVID to the extent that my CME Décor Specialist business was liquidated. I survived by opening a small company known as Decorate with Char as well as working as a Project Manager and National Coordinator for a global stroke awareness campaign called Fast Heroes.

What has changed in my business is that I am working more as a consultant and decorator. I don’t own any stock and I use the knowledge I’ve gained over the last 25 years to keep me on the map.

The trends we are seeing with regards to events are smaller and in person meetings, as well as hybrid events. The negative trend is finances - if budgets were a problem before… You can guess the rest. The most positive thing on the horizon is knowing I WILL succeed with the help of my clients and friends. theSQUAD was my ROCK before, during and after COVID.”

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