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Top 5 Team Building Tips

Top Five Team Building Tips

Top 5 Team Building TipsDoes the idea of having an over-indulgent year end lunch with your colleagues leave you feeling less than festive? There are other team building alternatives that tick all the boxes of bonding, fun and fabulousness. With a little planning and some outside help from those in the know, you can take your year-end event from good to great. Here are some ideas we've tried, tested and highly recommend.

#1 Lego Wars  

Top 5 Team Building TipsWe love using Lego building for employee training as it enhances critical thinking skills and the "play" element makes people responsive to new information. Lego Wars takes this to the next (fun) level. You choose how you want to play, as individuals or teams, and it's helpful to have a neutral facilitator or MC - things can become wild. Discover colleagues' (startling) competitive side by using different competition categories: biggest, quickest and most creative. Incentivise each category with a prize - money, gift vouchers etc. And by all means add food and drink into the mix.

The great thing about Lego Wars is it can become part of the creative culture of your business. Set up a Lego gaming spot in your office and people can have impromptu sessions to try and keep / win back their Lego War title.

#2 Strictly Come Dancing / Make a Music Video

Top 5 Team Building TipsWe snuck two things in here really, but they're both such fun. Imagine learning how to line dance and being immortalised on camera as a team once you've mastered it? What's awesome about this is that there are magnificent dance trainers that will come and help you learn as well as lots of roles for colleagues to take on (not just in front of the camera). So whether you're props, make-up, J-Lo, Taylor Swift or The Director, there's something for everyone to be involved in.

The video element is a nice-to-have as it can be sent as a Happy Festive Season message to colleagues / family, and used on your website as a fun "meet the team" intro.

#3 Corporate Masterchef

Top 5 Team Building TipsEvery inch (and carbohydrate) as fun as it sounds. The trick here is to have everybody learn a cooking skill together first - i.e. making sushi or pizza, and then have the competition, so there's a relatively level playing field. Great to do in teams and bring out the bossy, er, leadership side of team mates as well as seeing people thrive (or not) under pressure. The added value of this is learning a skill that you take-away for life. And you make your own delicious food to eat: win-win.

# 4 Vision Boards

Top 5 Team Building TipsA facilitator, coloured board, glitter, glue, heaps of magazines and you're all set to create a personal vision board team building session. Sounds like an oxymoron - putting personal and team building together- but it isn't.  It creates a supportive and fun space where people relax, get to know a different side of their colleagues, and the results of your vision board can be life changing.  Also fun to add snacks and wine to the mix to make it really festive.


#5 Giving Back

Top 5 Team Building TipsNothing will bring colleagues closer than getting involved in an upliftment project together. Bring joy to a children's orphanage or get involved in some of the really great existing CSI initiatives around. We love 1000 Drawings where you can join a doodle session or create your own Doddle for Change session. All drawings are auctioned to raise money for charity. Or pledge Santa Shoe Boxes as a company, great fun to choose children's names and put together beautiful boxes for kids in SA - they're aiming to distribute 100 000 boxes to children this year!

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