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What’s in an Event Planner’s Inspirational Toolbox?

What’s in an Event Planner’s Inspirational Toolbox

Having a locked and loaded (i.e. well stocked) toolbox is an event planner’s superpower. But having an inspirational toolbox gives us soul power. Here are some recommendations which can be used as a once-off to lift the spirits or as a mix and match; taking what you need, when you need it, depending on how you feel.


  1. Weekly / Daily Emails

No, not more emails! I hear you. To bypass exploding inbox anxiety, dedicate a separate Gmail account specifically for emails you’ve subscribed to. This will become a great place to visit once a day and get your hit of inspiration / information via email if you need it. Some recommended sign ups are Pierre du Plessis, Seth Godin, BrainPickings, Prsuit and Thrive Global.

  1. Podcasts

Curating an empowered outlook on life can mean filtering out negativity. Do you really need to listen to the news or mediocre pop music on the way to work? There are great podcasts out there which challenge thinking and have tools to help negotiate the tough times. Some of these include Russell Brand, Jay Shetty, Tim Ferriss, The Science of Happiness and Mind Valley.

  1. Art

A beautiful painting, design, photo or quote can lift the soul. I use Pinterest for daily doses of momentum, for example one I pinned recently reads, “We’re not accepting verbal apologies this year, only changed behaviour.” Indeed! For other sources of art try The Cool Hunter, My Modern Met, Global Street Art, Juxtapoz and Design Boom.

  1. Instagram

Instagram is such a quick win. When you follow great people or brands you can tick off the whole inspirational toolbox in one newsfeed. Plus, by following a hashtag such as #yogaeverywhere you don’t actually need to connect with any individual yogis. Top five Instagram feeds (purely subjective) are @natgeo, Elizabeth_gilbert_writer, @humansofny, @brenebrown and @foodnetwork. Another bonus for inspiration and local events is the Nan Hua Temple on Facebook.

  1. Movement

Movement, couldn’t do without it, it tames the monkey mind – even if it’s just a daily dance. As Writer Elizabeth Gilbert says, “I started dancing every morning as part of my grief recovery plan about a year ago. I will put on my upbeat dance mix and I’ll hit shuffle and I’ll dance to whatever comes up.” 

Ways to build movement into your day can be done via putting together great playlists on Spotify - I have started two playlists there, one is called “Nice” and the other one is called “Garden Listening” for when I’m in my garden and listen to music. There are also apps to encourage and track activity - Huffington Post have a great list - Apps That Will Get You Moving.  

  1. Master Classes is one part of the inspirational toolbox which isn’t free - but there are wonderful people teaching these online classes - from director David Lynch on creativity to author Neil Gaiman on writing. Another source of learning is Udemy on which you can find real bargain classes to inspire you or up your game – anything from Reiki to learning how to speed read. For free mind blowing talks there is always the TedX Talks platform – it is quite astonishing how many inspirational life lessons there are housed there.

Add to these:  A smile, funky sunglasses and a dash of red of lipstick and the day is already off to a good start.

Kelly McGillivray, Squad Leader

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