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Design Matters with Nikki Meier

Design Matters with Nikki Meier

Design Matters with Nikki Meier Anyone else designing a sci-fi alphabet in 2020? Thought not. It's amazing to work with designers who “get” a project because they're talented and like the challenge of figuring out how to translate briefs into beauty. We spoke to Nikki Meier (designer of our Design Matters theme this month) about being creative and everything in between.

 Hi Nikki, you're an Editorial and Commercial Illustrator - can you explain what that means to people who aren't aware of the different types of designers
Some illustrators have a very distinctive style and when a client hires them to create something for an editorial article in that style, a commercial illustrator is some who can mimic any style needed.

Were you creative at a young age?   

When I was around five my mother used to give me scenes to draw every day - like a beach or an underwater scene. I am sure she helped develop my sense of curiosity and observation of the world that I use every day in my work.

Design Matters with Nikki Meier How did you get to be doing what you are doing?

I have always loved drawing, my primary school teacher told my mother I should do art in high school and my high school teacher said I should do art for a living. I wanted to be a fine artist but my mother told me there is no money in fine art (she was right) so she did some research and convinced me to go and study graphic design and here I am.

Where does animation come in - is that a separate skill you learned? 

I once hired an animation company to animate an ad for one of my clients and I was sure they were making minor changes seem like huge tasks (and charging a fortune), so I studied how to do it for myself and discovered I was right. Over the years I have made an effort to study something new as often as possible, I am hoping this will enable me to future-proof my business in this rapidly changing world.

Where do you get your creative inspiration from?

I am inspired by so many things - walking through the park, trawling through the internet and sometime my dreams. What I really struggle with is finding the time to create half the concepts I come up with or finishing the ones I have started.

Design Matters with Nikki Meier You're a good communicator - is that an important part of designing?

I think it is very important, as a creative, to listen to your client and ask the right questions.

What part of your work gets you up in the morning?

Every day is different and there are always new challenges to overcome

What element of what you do could you live without?

Clients not paying on time, grrrrr.

Who are your top three designers or creatives in the world?

Some of my favourite illustrators are Charlie Davis (UK), Ori Toor (Tel Aviv) and Rafael Mayani (Canada).

Mother of Bostons! How many?

I have two Boston Terriers, Baron is my first born. I've had him since he was a puppy and Ella is my one-eyed wild child adopted from Boston Terrier rescue. They are the loves of my life and the best friends a girl could ever ask for.

2020 next year! Any big plans on the horizon?

More illustration, finish my opera alphabet start my sci-fi alphabet.