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How to Make an Exhibition Stand Memorable

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How to Make an Exhibition Stand MemorableOur client was asked to be the headline exhibition stand for the 35th World Cup of Geosciences at the International Geological Congress (IGC) in Cape Town. We were keen to help, but it was a tricky with budgets being cut. When we discussed the stand, the brief was “money is tight but please make it exceptional”. So, here’s how to make an exhibition stand memorable.

We couldn’t afford bells and whistles but as creators of the headline stand we had to make a statement. Being outstanding would come from being clever with the creative. When we brainstormed we decided against a standard shell scheme and pushed ourselves to think about what would entice people to come to the stand. It boiled down to:

How to Make an Exhibition Stand Memorable#1 The Audience: We thought we would give the audience some food for thought, something different, something that they would not expect but would appreciate.

We knew the geologists loved seeing core samples, so we created a special space to house the precious samples.

How to Make an Exhibition Stand Memorable#2 The Logo: Using both the geology and mining themes we recreated the client logo 1,8m, out of wood, coal and greenery. It turned out to be unforgettable (we were told) to anyone passing by.

#3 Technology: A Virtual Reality unit was incorporated into the stand which visitors loved as they could experience a mine, “first hand”.

How to make an exhibition stand memorable#4:A Competition: Wanting to reward visitors via a competition but without charging for a custom-made app, we downloaded a generic one which worked perfectly and cost R700.00.

#5: The Creative: Most important was the overall look of the stand, incorporating the above elements but with an outstanding look How to Make an Exhibition Stand Memorableand feel.

  • Umbrellas: This inspiration came from a public art exhibition in Vancouver. We used the umbrellas as a beautiful, eye-catching element as well as a metaphor for protection / cover.
  • Tree of Life: We extended the idea of green umbrellas floating overhead to a tree representing the circle of life. This was designed by Sean Pretorius from Space Craft Design and is a modular set so we could transport it on a trailer from Johannesburg to Cape Town.

How to Make an Exhibition Stand MemorableI’m proud of this job as it was touch and go whether we could meet the brief within the budget, and we did. We also received many compliments, including a lovely one from the client saying: “The stand was really a hit... It sparked numerous selfies, group photos and conversations with strangers asking who designed and build it. It really stood out.”

Kelly McGillivray, Squad Leader