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Making Good Things Happen with Twiga Communications

Making Good Things Happen with Twiga Communications

Twiga Communications are a highly creative, intrepid, client-centric boutique public relations and communications agency. They love making clients smile! We spoke to them about why working with theSQUAD on the Denny Mushroom's Campaign was cool and why collaboration matters.

What role has your business played in the recent Denny Campaigns?

Our role was to spread the word organically by partnering with influencers who are perfectly aligned with the campaign messaging. In this way we drove awareness, engagement and assimilation, which is all part of landing the key messages and getting the broader audience to take action.

How important has collaboration been on this project?

Collaboration between agency and client is clearly important. A slightly different dynamic exists on this campaign as we are one of three agencies executing the campaign and working on different areas of the communication funnel. And each one of the agencies is in direct contact with client. Each is a link in the chain leading to success.

Collaboration however also refers to the collective team collaborating to bring their expertise to table in ensuring the campaign is executed optimally, and with effective results based on the campaign objective. The client benefits since the interface is with the business owners of the agencies primarily, ensuring the highest level of oversight on campaign execution.  And then there’s the issue of trust. Each agency entrusts the success of the campaign to its own abilities, as well as those of the collective agencies. Trust is right up there with collaboration.

What’s been the favourite part of working with Denny and the team?

From the brand perspective, working with a marketer that understands the broader landscape in which we operate and also welcomes advice from the agencies with regards to whether something could or could not work for instance. This is all made even better by a brand that walks the talk when it comes to its brand purpose, and of course the fact that the product range is great.

From a team perspective, its simple. Working with incredible people who represent agencies that know what they’re doing and do it well, really well. And they’re all just a great bunch of people, you know, the type you’d LIKE to sit and have a long lingering lunch with and just shoot the breeze.

Do you think brands genuinely getting involved in supporting the community will be a thing we’ll see more of in the future?

Consumers are becoming more and more selective of the brands they buy and one of the deciding factors in the purchase consideration is ‘brand purpose’. It’s been an increasing trend of late, and we believe it is convincing brands that there needs to be a purpose beyond simple profit. So yes, we believe we’ll see more of this in the future.

Do you now know more about mushrooms?!

They’re a superfood, so they’re really good for you.  And they taste really good, particularly when prepared well.

What’s your favourite mushroom recipe at the moment?

I’m a sucker for a good mushroom risotto, and Fettucine with porcini is an all-time favourite.

What’s it like working with Kelly and theSQUAD?

One word – AWESOME!