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Support Your Local and Add Goodness with Denny Mushrooms

Support Your Local and Add Goodness with Denny Mushrooms

The last two Denny Mushroom Campaigns (Support Your Local and Add Goodness) have made magic happen. We're especially proud of the campaigns because they do good at a time when it is more needed than ever. And theSQUAD was involved in both! We caught up with SQUAD leader, Kelly McGillivray, for a chat about where theSQUAD are at and how they collaborated with Denny and the other team players.

Describe what theSQUAD does in twenty words? 

We are master hustlers,  with can-do attitudes and we like to think that we can do anything and everything in the activations,  events,  design and video space  – but mostly we specialise in creativity and making sh*t happen. We build loyal and trusting relationships with our clients and with our suppliers – we see ourselves as part of a team in everything that we do.   

What role has your business played in the recent Denny Campaigns?

theSQUAD was the glue between everyone internally and externally – Workbench strategised and did the clever thinking and the artwork and managed the client and we made it all happen. We got Vanessa to make up the onesies specifically to brief, and they scream #UltimateWinterComfort – we assisted putting the website together and facilitating the payment portal as well as managing the winners and getting all the packages,  we created the most beautiful influencer and winner boxes with the Denny products,  that was fun getting creative with our hands again.

How important has collaboration been on this project?

So important,  we have a great team – this is the second campaign that we have worked on together,  Workbench are super-creative and very clever with strategy and we build on their creativity and then Twigga Communications do the social media and content and the bloggers and we are the hands and feet on the ground making sure that the creativity when it lands you can feel it and touch it and even with the mushrooms – taste it.

We worked on the Denny Support Your Local  Campaign which was all about raising awareness to the plight of the struggling restaurants.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, local family-owned restaurants need all our support. This initiative has been created to help raise awareness and funds for the many eateries affected. The show of support from all communities for their locals across SA has been inspiring! We’ve seen many kind-hearted South Africans getting behind their different restaurants - and not just by voting, but by donating much needed funds towards their funding initiatives. THANK YOU SA!

What’s been the favourite part of working with Denny and the team?

We work well as a team,  we each have our responsibilities and get on with it,  we collaborate on ideas and we grow the initial thinking and it is great seeing it come to fruition,  it is also great to work with a brand that wants to do good. 

Do you think brands genuinely getting involved in supporting the community will be a thing we’ll see more of in the future?

I think that it is the only way that it should be – doing good while doing good business,  corporate social responsibility needs to really come to the fore now – everyone needs help and we can all make a difference – no matter how small or how big – we all need to touch hearts.  Even if it is not giving financially,  creating awareness with your own brand to the needs of others,  using your social media to encourage people and to touch hearts!

Do you now know more about mushrooms?!

What I do know is that the Shiitake mushroom crisps are delicious and that there are a lot of varieties of mushrooms.

What’s your favourite mushroom recipe at the moment?

Anything with mushrooms,  cream and white wine --- delicious really!